How Are Ya Now Responses: 20 Polite Responses

The question “How are ya now?” and its many responses have become ingrained in Canadian culture, especially for fans of the hit TV show Letterkenny.

This greeting has evolved into much more than just small talk – it allows Canadians to politely show interest in each other’s well-being.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 20 simple and easy-to-use responses for your day-to-day conversations.

So, let’s dive in and learn proper Canadian etiquette with the “How Are Ya Now Responses”!

What Does “How Are Ya Now” Mean?

“How are ya now?” is a friendly greeting used in rural Canadian communities, particularly in parts of Ontario.

It translates into asking “How are you doing now / at the moment?” without using as many words.

The expected response shows reciprocated interest in the other person while remaining humble about one’s condition.

It stems from the Canadian cultural values of politeness and looking out for one’s neighbors.

Origins in Letterkenny

While this phrase has been used for a long time in Canada, it grew in recognition across North America from the hit Crave TV show Letterkenny.

The characters on the show, who live in a small Ontario town, use “How are ya now?” constantly when conversing.

Their witty responses expose the nuances of rural Canadian speech patterns to worldwide audiences. Some of these classic responses are included below!

20 “How Are Ya Now” Responses

  1. Good ‘n you?
  2. Not so bad.
  3. Not s’bad. And you?
  4. Oh, not s’bad.
  5. Surviving.
  6. Hangin’ in.
  7. Hangin’ in there. And you?
  8. Still kickin’.
  9. Livin’ the dream! And you?
  10. Doin’ fine! And you?
  11. Can’t complain. You?
  12. Fair to middlin’.
  13. I’ve been better.
  14. There’s worse out there.
  15. Just working away, ain’t ya?
  16. It’s getting along there. And yourself?
  17. As well as can be expected. And your family?
  18. Oh, not bad at all.
  19. About the same as usual. Yourself?
  20. Could be worse, I guess!

As you can see, most responses downplay or contain how you’re actually doing to remain polite and modest.

It’s a way to acknowledge the question without burdening the other person with too much information.

This reflects the typical Canadian tendency to be considerate and unassuming in conversation.

And while it may seem like these are automatic or thoughtless responses, they often serve as a genuine expression of the speakers’ current state, inviting further conversation if the other person is interested in hearing more.

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When to Use “How Are Ya Now?”

You can use this versatile greeting in many everyday situations:

  • When passing acquaintances and neighbors on the street
  • Running into someone at a store
  • During a phone call instead of saying “Hello”
  • When you haven’t seen someone for a long time
  • Meeting up with friends and family
  • Making small talk before getting down to business

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Final Thoughts

So next time you see an acquaintance, give it a try! The ritual of this subtle greeting reveals the warmth that underpins Canadian niceties and concern for community.

I hope you enjoyed this explanation of the 20 top responses for the classic rural Canadian greeting “How are ya now?”. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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