27 Best Responses to “Good, HBU”

Texting is a critical form of communication in today’s digital age.

When someone says, “I’m Good, HBU” in a text message, they’re showing an interest in your well-being and inviting you to continue the conversation.

“HBU” is an abbreviation for “How About You.”

how to respond to i'm good hbu

Here, we offer 27 responses that you can use in different situations, categorized into Cool, Flirty, and Polite responses.

Cool Responses

These responses are great when you want to keep the conversation casual and laid-back. They’re perfect for friends, colleagues, or casual acquaintances.

  1. I’m good, just chilling.
  2. Same old, same old.
  3. Keeping it together as always.
  4. Livin’ the dream
  5. Can’t complain
  6. I’m gucci
  7. I have been better

Flirty Responses

Flirty responses are suitable when you’re comfortable with the person you’re communicating with and the conversation is meant to be playful.

  1. I’m better now that you asked.
  2. Making things hotter.
  3. Basking in the glow of your text.
  4. I’m doing even better now that I’m talking to you 😉

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Polite Responses

Polite responses are ideal when conversing with someone of higher authority, someone you respect, or in a more formal setting.

  1. Doing well, thank you.
  2. Thank you for asking, I am doing well.
  3. All is well with me, hope the same for you.
  4. Good to hear!
  5. Glad to hear it!
  6. Doing well, thanks!
  7. Feeling good!
  8. All good!
  9. Can’t complain!
  10. Hanging in there!

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Open-Ended Responses

These responses aim to extend the conversation by providing more detailed answers or asking questions.

  1. Going well, what’s new with you?
  2. Can’t complain. How’s your day so far?
  3. Pretty good, how about you?
  4. I’m alright, and you?
  5. Good here. What have you been up to?
  6. All’s well over here. How are things on your end?

Deciding which response to use depends on the tone you want to set and the kind of conversation you’re willing to engage in.

It’s also crucial to consider the appropriateness of your response, keeping in mind the relationship with the person you are communicating with.

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How to Respond to “Good, HBU” – Key Points

Here are some key takeaway points when responding to “Good, HBU”:

  1. Maintain the Tone: If the initial message is casual, maintaining a similar tone in your response is usually a good idea. Likewise, if the initial message is formal, try to keep your response formal as well.
  2. Consider the Context: The context of the conversation and your relationship with the person is essential. Be more reserved and polite with superiors and acquaintances, and feel free to be playful and casual with friends.
  3. Be Authentic: Authenticity goes a long way in communication. Be true to your feelings and current state in your response.


Final Thoughts

While texting may seem straightforward, it often requires tact and thoughtfulness, especially when responding to common phrases such as “Good, HBU”.

The most effective responses are ones that maintain the tone of the conversation, are suitable for the situation, and accurately represent your current state.

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