How to Reply When Someone Says What’s Up: The 34 Best Ways

Making a good impression is crucial in any social setting, and responding appropriately to greetings plays a significant role in shaping interactions.

The casual phrase “What’s up?” is a common greeting that can be interpreted in various ways depending on the context and tone.

Some responses are more playful, some are more serious, and some are more polite.

You can also use this opportunity to share something interesting or exciting that happened to you recently.

In this article, you will find a list of 34 best ways to respond to “what’s up”, along with some examples and tips on how to use them effectively.

How to Reply When Someone Says What’s Up

At first glance, “What’s up?” seems like a straightforward question.

However, in everyday conversations, it’s used less as a genuine inquiry and more as a casual greeting.

So, when someone says “What’s up?” they are often not seeking a detailed account of your day but simply saying hello in a friendly way.

The Common Approach

The most common way to respond to “What’s up?” is to play it safe with a casual reply.

Something along the lines of “Nothing much” or “Not much” usually fits the bill.

These responses are the conversational equivalent of returning a quick wave or nod in response to someone’s greeting.

Here’s how this might look in a conversation:

Person 1: “What’s up?”

Person 2: “Not much, what’s up with you?”

The Reciprocal Method

Another approach to consider is the reciprocal method. After answering “Nothing much” or similar, it’s common to return the question to the asker.

This keeps the conversation flowing and demonstrates interest in the other person. Like so:

Person 1: “What’s up?”

Person 2: “Not much, what’s up with you?”

Ideally, responding to “What’s up?” should be a balance of friendliness and casualness, engaging without overloading the conversation from the get-go.

In the next sections, we’ll dive into more creative ways to answer “What’s up?” that can make your interactions more memorable and unique.

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43 Best Replies when someone says What’s up?

Common Responses

  1. “Not too much.”
  2. “Same old, same old.”
  3. “Just hanging out.”
  4. “Relaxing, you?”
  5. “Nothing much.”
  6. “Just chilling.”
  7. “Taking it easy.”
  8. “Just the usual.”
  9. “Working, as always.”
  10. “Just got off work.”

Friendly Replies

  1. “Just enjoying this lovely weather!”
  2. “Just finished a great book.”
  3. “Can’t complain, how about you?”
  4. “Just having a cup of coffee, what about you?”
  5. “Just out with friends.”
  6. “Enjoying some quiet time.”
  7. “Life’s been pretty good, what about yours?”
  8. “Just having a relaxing day.”
  9. “Caught up in my favorite show.”

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Flirty Responses

  1. Thinking about you.”
  2. “Feeling better now that you’re here.”
  3. “Looking forward to seeing you tonight.”
  4. “Just about to get ready for our date.”
  5. “Could be better, maybe you can change that?”
  6. “Wishing you could be next to me”
  7. “Enjoying the thought of our upcoming date.”
  8. “Just smiling, because of you.”

Funny Responses

  1. “My ceiling.”
  2. “The sky.”
  3. “My rent.”
  4. “My blood pressure.”
  5. “Just counting the number of stars.”
  6. “Living the dream.”
  7. “My hair, since I haven’t had a haircut in ages.”

Final Thoughts

To respond effectively when someone says “What’s up?”, it’s all about gauging the context and intent of the person asking.

How you reply to “What’s up? ?” depends on the situation, the relationship with the person asking, and your style.

The 34 responses listed above provide a variety of options that you can use as a starting point for creating your unique replies.

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