How to Respond to “WYS” Texts: 16 Engaging Responses

When someone shoots you a “WYS” (“What are you saying?”) message, they’re probably looking for an update on your day or trying to spark up a conversation.

Below, you’ll find 16 responses that can help you keep the dialogue interesting and reflect your current state or activity in a fun way.

Key Things to Consider

  • First things first, acknowledge what you’re doing or feeling, then reciprocate by asking them back. It keeps the conversation flowing, especially with friends or acquaintances.
  • For a crush or someone you’re interested in, amp up the flirtation a bit. Drop a hint about something interesting you’re doing or feeling.
  • With close friends or someone you trust, it’s okay to open up about your day or share deeper thoughts.

15 Best Responses to “WYS”

how to reply to wys

1 “Just chilling! You?”

Keep the vibe relaxed and show interest in their day. A laid-back response invites them to share what they’re doing and continues the conversation without any pressure.

  • “Not much, just hanging out. What about you?”
  • “Taking it easy today. How about yourself?”
  • “Just kicking back and relaxing. You up to anything fun?”

2 “Not much, just looking forward to the weekend. You?”

Express eagerness for upcoming plans and then bring the conversation back to them. This opens up a pathway for them to share their own plans and could lead to making plans together.

  • “Counting down the days until Saturday! Got any big plans?”
  • “Dreaming about my weekend nap already. How’s your week shaping up?”
  • “Just riding out the workweek. What are you getting into this weekend?”

3 “Thinking about hitting the gym later. You into workouts?”

Share a bit of your routine and find common ground. This can spark a conversation about lifestyle, fitness, and wellbeing, or maybe even lead to a gym buddy.

  • “Getting ready to lift some weights. Are you a gym-goer?”
  • “Planning a workout session later today. What’s your fitness routine like?”
  • “Debating between cardio or weights. You have any workout tips?”

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4 “Feeling alright today. How about you?”

Keep it honest and check in on them as well. This establishes a two-way street for sharing personal updates and wellbeing.

  • “Doing okay, just the usual ups and downs. What’s new with you?”
  • “I’m managing, thanks. Anything good happening with you?”
  • “All good on my end. Your day going well?”

5 “Wassup with you?”

Return their casual greeting with the same energy. A relaxed and direct question prompts an equally laid-back response.

  • “Just the usual stuff here. And there? What’s popping?”
  • “Nothing much over here. What’s cracking on your end?”
  • “All quiet on this front. How are things your way?”

6 “Just enjoying this amazing weather! How about you?”

Comment on something pleasant and extend the positivity. By focusing on a positive aspect of your day, you encourage them to share theirs.

  • “Loving the sunshine today! Are you getting a chance to enjoy it too?”
  • “This breeze is everything right now. Hope it’s nice where you are as well!”
  • “Taking in this perfect weather—makes everything better. You out and about too?”

7 “Haha, trying a new recipe. What about you?”

Inject a bit of humor and share a snippet of your activities. It’s a great way to potentially exchange interests or plans, and maybe even swap recipes.

  • “Attempting not to burn down the kitchen with a new dish. Your turn—what’s cooking?”
  • “Exploring my culinary skills… or lack thereof. Ever tried making [insert dish]?”
  • “Risking it all with a recipe I found online. Have any culinary adventures lately?”

8 “Is that your opening line? Let’s try that again!”

Mirror a playful challenge you’ve used in your article. This response shows your playful side and invites a more creative follow-up.

  • “We’re going with ‘WYS’? I bet you can top that!”
  • “Trying to keep things fresh, huh? I’m all ears for take two.”
  • “I give that intro a 6/10. Ready for a redo?”

9 “Can’t complain with this chat going on!”

Flirt with positivity and keep the conversation light. This kind of response can set a happy tone for the rest of your interaction.

  • “Chat’s keeping me entertained! How’s yours shaping up?”
  • “All is well when I’ve got good company in my inbox. What’s up on your side?”
  • “This convo is the highlight of my day so far. What’s making you smile today?”

10 “Busy at the moment, can I hit you up later?”

Politely assert your current situation and signal interest for later. It’s okay to be busy; just make sure they know you’re not dismissing them.

  • “Swamped right now, but definitely want to catch up. Is later good for you?”
  • “In the thick of it at work. Can we text after I’m done?”
  • “Today’s hectic. Mind if we resume this convo in a few hours?”

11 “Eh, could be better. What about you?”

Acknowledge that you’re not at your best, but also show concern for their day. It’s an honest response that can lead to a more meaningful conversation.

  • “It’s one of those days, you know? But hey, how’s life treating you?”
  • “Struggling a bit, but getting through. Anything good going on with you?”
  • “Not my finest hour, but that’s life sometimes. How are you holding up?”

12 “Why do you ask?”

Prompt them to reveal the intent behind their question. This can be a bit more guarded, but it’s perfectly fine if you sense there might be a subtext to their inquiry.

  • “Just curious, any particular reason why you’re asking?”
  • “Seems like there’s a story behind that question. What’s up?”
  • “Hmm, that’s a bit sudden. Is something going on?”

13 “I think we’ve run out of things to talk about.”

Be upfront if you feel the conversation has hit a lull. It’s a straightforward approach that can either end the chat or spark a new topic.

  • “Seems like we’ve covered everything, haven’t we? Any new developments since last time?”
  • “I’m drawing a blank here. Got any exciting news to share?”
  • “Feels like we’re at a standstill. Shall we find a new subject?”

14 “Hey, I’d rather catch up in person! Coffee this weekend?”

Propose an in-person meet-up if texting isn’t doing it for you. Direct communication can be more fulfilling, and suggesting a specific plan shows initiative.

  • “Texting’s fine but seeing you would be better. Free for a face-to-face chat soon?”
  • “I’m available this weekend if you want to talk over drinks. How does that sound?”
  • “Let’s swap stories in real life. Interested in brunch?”

15 “I’m not sure I understand. Can you clarify?”

Request more information if their text is ambiguous. This can help prevent miscommunication and makes sure you’re both on the same page.

  • “Your message caught me off guard. What’s the context here?”
  • “I might be missing something. Could you explain a bit more?”
  • “Feel like I jumped into the middle of a conversation. Mind filling me in?”

16 “I’d rather not talk about that. Let’s chat about something else.”

Steer the conversation away from topics you’re uncomfortable with. Setting boundaries is important, and suggesting a new topic keeps the chat friendly and engaged.

  • “Not my favorite topic to text about. But have you seen any good movies lately?”
  • “Let’s pivot from that subject. Got any fun plans coming up?”
  • “I’d prefer to skip that conversation. How about we discuss our weekend ideas instead?”

These responses aim to help you navigate the “WYS” question with ease, whether you’re looking to keep it light, dive into deeper topics, or shift the conversation in a direction that’s more comfortable for you.

The best responses are those that reflect your personality and how you feel in the moment.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that every conversation is a two-way street. It’s about give and take, and finding a rhythm that works for both of you.

Whether you’re responding to a “WYS” with humor, curiosity, or a gentle change of subject, the key is to stay true to yourself while also being considerate of the other person.

The goal is to maintain a connection that feels both genuine and enjoyable for everyone involved.

So, don’t be afraid to be yourself, and let the conversation flow naturally.

With these tips and responses, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any “WYS” text that comes your way.

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